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    About us


    Get Land Now is a wholly owned property of Seaport Assets, Inc. We are a small family-owned real estate investment company, which is managed by a husband and wife team. We strive to make land ownership affordable for everyone. We keep our team small and efficient so that we can cut down on overhead, which allows us to offer the best deals for our customers.

    We are not real estate brokers or agents; we buy and sell properties on our own behalf and we don’t establish any brokerage relationship with our customers. This means that there are no middleman fees in any of our transactions. We like to keep things simple!


    We specialize in buying vacant land and lots throughout the United States and then we bring those properties to market. We buy residential and commercial lots of any size, from small single family vacant lots in cities, to large 50+ acre rural parcels…and anything in between. We work directly with sellers to acquire their properties, and then we bring those properties to market at 40-60%+ below market value. We have some of the best prices you will find on land and we pride ourselves on offering these incredible deals to our customers. We also offer financing for our properties; we do this in-house, so there’s no need for bank financing. We always offer a discount for cash sales. See the individual property listings for more details. We look forward to working with you.


    Our clients come from all walks of life. Investors flock to us because of the incredible deals we offer and the fact that they can sometimes flip the property for a quick profit or they can sit on the property and wait for it to appreciate. We’ve sold many properties to people who are looking to build a home to retire in…or place a tiny home or mobile home on a property that they own free and clear. We’ve sold properties to developers who want to build a home and then sell it. We’ve also sold properties to average families who want to build their dream home and raise their kids there. We love working with our clients, hearing their stories, dream-building with them, and helping them achieve their goals.