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    How it Works

    Buying Land From Us is Easy

    Step 1 – Once you’ve found a property that you want to purchase, contact us so that we can put together the Property Sales Agreement. This will be a cash sale agreement or a seller-financed (installment sale) agreement.

    Step 2 – Sign the agreement and submit either your down payment for seller financed deals or the entire amount for cash sales. If we use an escrow company, then you will send them your payment.

    Step 3 – Getting you the deed. Once the property is paid for in full, then we will generate a high-quality deed as well as whatever county-specific paperwork is required to convey ownership from us to you. After the payment has cleared our account, then we will mail the notarized deed to you.

    Step 4 – Recording the deed with the County Recorder’s Office that the property is located in. Unless we’re using an escrow company, then we will mail the deed to you and it will be your responsibility to record the deed with the County Recorder’s Office. The County typically charges recording and other documentation fees, which you will need to include with your deed.

    Finance Through Us

    We offer seller financing on all of our properties. We don’t do credit checks and we don’t work through banks…we offer all of the financing in-house. We strive to set affordable down payments and monthly payments. Seller financing details are located in each individual property listing. However, since we complete the financing in-house, we are flexible with the down payments, monthly payments, and term of the note. If you do finance through us, then the property stays in our company’s name until the entire note is paid off. At that point, we will draw up a deed and send to you to convey ownership.

    Discounts for Cash

    We always offer a cash discount for buying one of our properties. These cash amounts are located in the property listing. If you are paying cash, then we can typically have a deed in your hands within a couple of weeks. We will normally quote 30 days to finalize the entire process, but we strive to get it done much quicker.

    We Accept Crypto-Currencies

    Yes, we are fully on the crypto-currency bandwagon. In fact, we’ve been investing in crypto-currencies for years. We are big believers in the blockchain technology. We also know that many people have made fortunes on their crypto-currency investments. So, we thought that there may be people who have a lot of crypto and maybe they want to buy some stuff with it, so why don’t we accept cryptos for land purchases? As far as we know, we’re the first company in the country accepting crypto-currencies for land purchases.

    We will accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Dash, IOTA, Monero, or a variety of other crypto-currencies. We will treat this transaction like a cash purchase; we will use the current value of the crypto-currency in US Dollars to transfer XX amount of the crypto to our account. Once that’s verified, then we will draw up the deed and send to you just like a cash sale. Contact us to find out more.